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5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets - Richard Houghton

The KASA Investment Fund combines an innovative lifestyle investment with reliable ongoing income and an appreciating asset in a 100 percent secure real estate investment, recession-proof diversified portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotel resorts located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. Since all of the properties are debt-free, the KASA Investment Fund is also one of the safest investments available anywhere in the world right now, making this a simple way to achieve financial freedom through reliable income and appreciation of the hotel properties.

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Here are five ways the KASA Investment Fund protects Shareholders from stock market volatility and provides better returns than traditional real estate investments!

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets | Secured Capital

1. Secured Capital

As with any real estate investment, Shareholder capital is secured against each investment property, which are tangible assets. And since the Fund pays cash for all real estate and development costs with no debt, liens or encumbrances, there is very little - if any - risk for investors.

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets | Enhanced Equity

2. Enhanced Equity

Each property will also increase dramatically in equity immediately after construction is complete. And since the Fund is opening luxury hotels on the beach in the world’s top vacation destinations, each development will be worth 2-5 times more than just the value of the real estate itself immediately upon completion.

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets | Safe Location

3. Safe Locations

All of the luxury beachfront hotels opened by the KASA Investment Fund are located in politically stable countries throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, and although nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes, the Fund is operated by a luxury hotel company with an experienced management team who are also Shareholders, so they don’t make money unless all of the investors do.

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets | Better Returns

4. Better Returns

Most investors are lucky to see a 5 percent return on investment (ROI) from stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and remember that’s without the principal being secured! By contrast, the KASA Investment Fund is a totally secure investment that offers annual returns of at least 12-15 percent, which is a conservative number for luxury beachfront hotels.

5 Ways the KASA Investment Fund Protects Shareholder Assets | Shareholder Perks

5. Shareholder Perks

In addition to offering entirely secure ongoing annual returns of 12-15 percent, the KASA Investment Fund also offers Shareholders the opportunity to stay in KASA Hotel Collection properties at cost, which is typically about $50 USD per night! Shareholders are treated as VIP guests, with room upgrades, social invitations and discounts at area restaurants, bars and spas.

It’s also important to note that, as the KASA Investment Fund continues to partner with additional investors, the available benefit packages will dramatically decrease, but for now Phase 1 Shareholders are enjoying premium benefits and incredible returns!

"It’s important to invest early, because as funding closes out on each new property, additional capital will be assigned to the next development, so investors who get in now will start making more money sooner than those who opt to wait" - Richard Houghton

Want to know more about the KASA Investment Fund? Click on the following link to get more information about this secure real estate investment.

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