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7 Signs the KASA Investment Fund is a Great Deal

7 Signs the KASA Investment Fund is a Great Deal

Deciding where to invest your hard-earned cash is one of life’s most important challenges, often serving as the determining factor between those who lead a life of financial hardship and those who get to enjoy a fabulous retirement. To help take the guesswork out of at least one decision, here are seven signs that prove the KASA Investment Fund is a great deal; so read on and discover how this diverse portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels can offer Shareholders annual ROI of at least 12-15 percent in a 100 percent secure, recession-proof real estate investment!

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1. Zero Debt

That’s right - all KASA Hotel Collection properties are paid for entirely with cash and therefore totally debt-free. This includes all of the hotel construction and development costs, as well as the initial cost of the land itself. This simple fact makes the KASA Investment Fund one of the safest investment vehicles you can choose for your financial portfolio, because unlike many real estate transactions, the Fund purchases only premium land and pays for everything in cash, so all properties are free and clear of any debts, liens or encumbrances.

7 Signs the KASA Investment Fund is a Great Deal | Rapid Capital Appreciation

2. Rapid Capital Appreciation

The KASA Investment Fund also offers premium appreciation by acquiring beachfront properties that are valued below the current market in up-and-coming areas, which means your investment is totally secure from the day you become a Shareholder. Immediately after construction has been completed on each hotel, the properties will experience at least a 30 percent increase in value, coupled with a 30 percent minimum increase in equity value.

3. Ongoing Passive Income

It’s difficult to find investments that can reliably provide returns that will outpace inflation, much less real estate investments that can provide secure, proven ROI of at least 12-15 percent in the form of totally passive income, but that’s exactly what the KASA Investment Fund is designed to do! The Fund handles every aspect of buying land, developing and managing the luxury beachfront hotels, serving as a totally hands-off investment for Shareholders.

7 Signs the KASA Investment Fund is a Great Deal | Ongoing Passive Income

4. Compound Interest Investment

According to the Rule of 72, investors need to double their money much faster than what any bank, stock or mutual fund can do right now, and we literally cannot afford to wait until our golden years are over for this to happen. The KASA Investment Fund is a compound interest investment designed to excel in today’s global market, offering average investors a chance to grow their wealth rapidly via access to elite real estate that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest investors and financial institutions.

5. Offers Tax-Free Income for Retirement

When you invest using your IRA account to buy shares of the KASA Investment Fund, you can collect ongoing tax-deferred income for retirement while sheltering your assets from ongoing stock market volatility. You can also opt to earn tax-free retirement income by locking in your current tax rate at the time monies are deposited, offering a savvy way to outsmart the system since future tax increases are virtually guaranteed to happen.

7 Signs the KASA Investment Fund is a Great Deal | Outperforms the Stock Market

6. Outperforms the Stock Market

The KASA Investment Fund gives investors access to the booming luxury beachfront hotel and real estate rental market - a sector that has typically been reserved for only the wealthiest investors and that offers a conservative return on investment of 12-15 percent. Compare this to a maximum 7 percent ROI that is offered by the stock market after inflation is factored in… If you’re extremely lucky, that is! The Fund is also completely recession proof, since all properties consist of premium beachfront real estate that is purchased and developed without incurring any debt.

7. Exciting Lifestyle Perks for Shareholders

Last but certainly not least, becoming a Shareholder means investors get to enjoy a variety of incredible benefits and lifestyle perks that are typically reserved only for hotel owners. This includes deep discounts and VIP treatment at KASA Hotel Collection properties, where Shareholders can vacation with friends and family at cost and will also receive discounted rates at on-site restaurants, bars and spas. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, all KASA properties provide a level of world-class service and amenities that is unmatched among most competitors.

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