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As Record Amount of Money Exits Stocks, KASA Investment Fund Expands

As Record Amount of Money Exits Stocks, KASA Investment Fund Expands - Richard Houghton

It’s obvious that financial analysts and traders still don’t trust the stock market’s current run, as record amounts of money have been pulled out of stocks this year. But even as traders are moving out of equities at a historic pace, the KASA Investment Fund is poised for rapid growth and designed to provide upwards of 15 percent ROI in some of the world’s top real estate markets, offering investors a totally secure alternative to stock market volatility.

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"Data from the Investment Company Institute shows money has been pulled out of equity mutual funds and ETFs in almost every month this year", wrote Axios. "In total, more than $130 billion has been drawn from equity funds in 2019, making it already the largest year of outflows on record".

As Record Amount of Money Exits Stocks, KASA Investment Fund Expands

Another report from Refinitiv Lipper cited in the Wall Street Journal recently also shows the largest stock market outflows in its 27-year history this year, prompting some analysts to say the current trend shines a spotlight on the rising apprehension investors feel towards a stock market that is being buffeted daily by the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, as well as lingering worries about a potential recession.

Amidst all of this uncertainty, the KASA Investment Fund offers reliable ongoing income through a recession-proof real estate portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels that are located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. And since all of the properties in the KASA Hotel Collection are totally debt-free, Shareholder assets are 100 percent secured, making the Fund is one of the safest investments you will find anywhere in the world! Best of all, this rapidly appreciating asset is designed to provide ongoing income and a sense of financial freedom that investors will never achieve with money that remains tied up in the stock market.

As Record Amount of Money Exits Stocks, KASA Investment Fund Expands

As private equity firms worldwide are actively preparing for a recession and working to limit downside risk, real estate is now - more than ever - an essential part of any financial portfolio. And when you buy shares using funds in your IRA account, the KASA Investment Fund offers a safe, proven way to earn tax-deferred income for retirement without having to work as a property manager of your own brick-and-mortar real estate investment.

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