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Earn Ongoing Passive Income with the KASA Investment Fund

Earn Ongoing Passive Income with the KASA Investment Fund

We know real estate outperforms the stock market over time when inflation is factored into the mix, but many investors are (understandably) turned off by the thought of fixing leaky toilets in the middle of the night and the other hassles that come with property ownership. Sadly, this is what keeps some investors from enjoying the many benefits that come with real estate investing, which is exactly why the KASA Investment Fund is such an exciting opportunity!

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What Makes the KASA Investment Fund Different?

Conceptualized by the KASA Hotel Collection, the KASA Investment Fund is a growing and well-diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels situated in the best vacation spots of the Caribbean and the Americas. It gives everyday investors access to the flourishing global travel and tourism real estate sector - a market that has typically been reserved only for the wealthiest individuals and major financial institutions - and the Fund also presents a way to earn totally secure ongoing passive income without dealing with any of the challenges that typically come with investing in real estate and property management!

What Makes the KASA Investment Fund Different?

Large-scale commercial real estate enterprises like the luxury beachfront hotels in the KASA Investment Fund are elite properties that systematically produce incredibly high returns, offering a proven way to grow your financial portfolio and save enough to enjoy an amazing retirement. But in order to reap these rewards, the hospitality business model often requires larger investments over longer periods of time than many average investors can accommodate, which is what makes the KASA Investment Fund so unique!

Earn Passive Income & Enjoy an Incredible Lifestyle!

Designed to overcome all the hurdles that typically accompany investing in the travel and tourism real estate sector, the KASA Investment Fund handles every aspect of developing and managing the hotels and is a totally hands-off investment for Shareholders. From locating, purchasing and developing individual properties to handling all of the on-site maintenance and booking requirements, the Fund offers easy access to passive income through a diverse portfolio of elite properties that are typically off limits to most individual investors. And since the KASA Investment Fund pays cash for all of the land and construction costs, there is no debt to pay off that will diminish your returns!

Earn Passive Income & Enjoy an Incredible Lifestyle with KASA Investment Fund

Speaking of returns, annual ROI of at least 15 percent will be deposited into Shareholder bank accounts each quarter after the luxury beachfront hotels and resorts are open for business. In this way, the Fund is designed to provide ongoing passive income as an innovative “white glove investment” that also provides a hedge against inflation and essential diversification for your financial portfolio. And when you purchase shares using funds in your IRA account, you can also earn secure, ongoing passive income for retirement that is tax deferred.

Finally, it’s important to mention that the KASA Investment Fund gives Shareholders and their families access to a wide range of exciting lifestyle perks and travel benefits, including steep discounts on your stay at KASA hotels, including when you visit on-site restaurants, bars and spas. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, all KASA Hotel Collection properties are a cut above the norm, offering guests easy access to the world’s most beautiful places and most incredible local experiences!

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