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Generate Passive Income with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

Generate Passive Income with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

Passive income is earnings derived from an enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. In other words, you could be asleep and still earning an income. Having a source of passive income should be what everyone is striving to achieve since there are so many benefits of being able to generate passive income. The KASA Hotel Investment Fund pays you quarterly disbursements like clockwork whether you are working your 9 to 5 job or lying on a beach at one of our hotels.

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What is passive income: The IRS treats passive income the same way as active income in the sense that you still must pay income tax on your earnings. The IRS considers “passive income to be earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person does not materially participate”.

You might think that passive income can be earned from within your investment portfolio as well. While you hold stock certificates and other financial instruments that pay out dividends and interest you are not actively involved in the running of those businesses – that should be passive income, but the IRS does not think this way. Money earned through your investment portfolio is treated differently by the IRS and therefore does not satisfy the technical definition of passive income. Be sure to check with a taxation professional before proceeding to pay your income taxes.

Benefits of passive income

Benefits of passive income: The benefits of having a source of passive income are many and obvious. The 5 primary reasons to have passive income include:

  1. Reduce your stress and anxiety about the future: The future is uncertain but having a steady income stream that deposits money in your bank account no matter what will certainly ease your stress and anxiety levels. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra money each month? Imagine if that ‘little extra’ grew to be able to cover all your monthly expenses? You could afford to be laid off from your 9 to 5 job. You could afford to take time off if you fell sick. You could even afford to take time off if a loved one got sick and needed your care.
  2. Gives you the freedom of time: Time is our most precious asset. It is the one thing you can never replace or get more. Having a source of passive income means that you are no longer trading hours for dollars like you do for most jobs. When your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses you suddenly have the freedom to travel the world and broaden your horizons, go back to school, change jobs (if you want to), start a family, whatever.
  3. Allows you to pursue happiness: Instead of having to work to survive and make a living you will be able to do what YOU want to do, once you have a sufficient and steady source of passive income. There is a whole world of new possibilities that opens up when you no longer have to figure out how to pay the bills.
  4. Live and work from anywhere in the world: Having a truly passive source of income, one that covers all your expenses and then some, means that you are no longer tied to a location for work. You can literally live and work from anywhere in the world.
  5. Financial stability and independence: Once you have gained the freedom of time from having to earn a living and pay the bills you will have time to explore new financial opportunities. You will discover ways to grow your passive income and even create new income streams. Having more money doesn’t mean an end to trouble or difficulties but it does mean that you will have the time and resources to truly figure out how to solve those problems. You will be able to focus on your goals and achieve financial clarity, stability and total independence.

How the KASA Hotel Investment Fund generates passive income for you: Once you make the decision to partner with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund your active involvement ends, and your truly passive income begins.

You will earn a 5% internal rate of return (IRR) beginning on day one of your investment. KASA takes that investment and assigns it towards a particular hotel that is under development. Naturally KASA needs to be earning money and profits before it can make payments to our investors. Once that hotel opens you will begin to earn your returns on the profits from that hotel and any other hotel within the fund, but you won’t receive your 5% until year 3 of when that hotel has been open.

Your investment is backed by the premium real estate held by the fund. This means the beautiful beachfront acreages that are located in up and coming tourist destinations all around the Caribbean Ocean and the Americas. This raw land has been purchased with cash and not debt, so it is very safe and secure.

How the KASA Hotel Investment Fund generates passive income for you

KASA owns a construction and real estate development company which it employs to build a beautiful small luxury hotel. This vertical integration ensures top quality and substantial savings for our investors. Hotel construction typically takes 12 to 18 months to complete.

KASA also develops high end private villas that it can sell for large profits and then charge the owners a management fee, which ensures a steady income. The hotels generate excellent revenue from room rentals, food and beverage, spa appointments, gift shop and guest tours.

Another potential source of income comes from the tremendous premium appreciation that the real estate experiences. Beachfront real estate often doubles every 5 to 10 years. This will be important if KASA decides to sell the property at some future date. Until then they will be very happy to make excellent safe returns year after year.

For our investors that use their IRAs to partner with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund they can take advantage of all the tax benefits that the IRS allows to turbo charge their retirement.

Conclusion: Using the KASA Hotel Investment Fund to generate a stream of passive income is a fantastic idea. KASA generates significant revenue from its luxury hotel operations and pays out quarterly checks like clockwork. This passive income can be used within your IRA to generate huge profits for your retirement or outside your IRA to be used however you see fit.

This passive income will reduce your stress and anxiety, free up your time and allow you to pursue whatever it is that makes you happy. You can choose to live and work from anywhere in the world as you become truly financially independent. KASA is your partner on your path to financial clarity.

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