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Get Secure, Tax-Free Income for Your IRA with the KASA Investment Fund

Get Secure, Tax-Free Income for Your IRA with the KASA Investment Fund - Richard Houghton from KASA Hotel Collection

Most investors understand the vital role IRAs can play in saving for retirement, and top analysts at CNBC have advised that right now is a fantastic time to start investing in real estate in an IRA account even if you haven’t been actively planning for retirement, in part because most major markets are holding steady and growing worldwide.

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"With tax rates as low as they’re likely to be for the foreseeable future thanks to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there has never been a better time to contribute [to your IRA account]", writes CNBC.

Still, many investors remain unaware that IRA accounts can actually be structured to hold a wide variety of different types of investments, including real estate assets like the KASA Investment Fund!

Richard Houghton from KASA Hotel Collection - Many investors remain unaware that IRA accounts can actually be structured to hold a wide variety of different types of investments.

What is the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?

This innovative real estate investment opportunity provides secure ongoing income and Shares can be purchased using money that’s in your IRA account. Shareholders also get to enjoy all of the incredible perks that come with owning a boutique beachfront hotel, without any of the hassles that typically come with property ownership! Investors own Shares of a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas

Owning real estate in an IRA account is a wise alternative investment strategy that also provides a number of long-term financial benefits, including the opportunity to collect secure, ongoing tax-deferred income for retirement, portfolio diversification and protection against inflation.

"[Self-Directed and] Roth IRA’s are particularly valuable for workers who will likely increase their earnings - and move into higher tax brackets - over time", wrote CNBC. "If you… have decades before you touch the money, the tax benefits of the IRA account will keep compounding".

What is the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?

And better yet, when you also own alternative assets like the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund in your IRA account, the payoff becomes even greater and you can soundly outperform stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Real estate investments are also appealing because they provide protection from ongoing stock market volatility and a hedge against the recession that is undoubtedly lurking somewhere just over the horizon!

Still, there are many different ways you can invest in real estate, including owning property directly or investing through a professionally-managed rental company. Investment funds and real estate trusts provide even more options for investors to consider, offering additional ways to avoid owning property outright by investing in a larger pool of real estate instead. Designed to function similar to a mutual fund, real estate funds like the KASA Investment Fund pay ongoing dividends and help protect your financial portfolio by investing in the most successful global market sectors.

Earn Proven, Ongoing Secure ROI with the KASA Investment Fund

The KASA Investment Fund offers a unique opportunity to invest in the KASA Hotel Collection’s global luxury brand without any of the stress that typically comes with owning real estate. Shareholders get to participate in the growing travel and tourism real estate sector and will enjoy all the benefits of ownership at boutique hotels located in the world’s top vacation destinations.

Earn Proven, Ongoing Secure ROI with the KASA Investment Fund

The KASA Investment Fund purchases premium land that is located in safe, secure, up-and-coming locales, developing luxury hotels that immediately increase in value by 30-50 percent as soon as they open for business. The luxury properties that are owned by the fund also appreciate at a much faster rate than other types of real estate because they are situated in the world’s best locations. In addition, by implementing central purchasing and sharing costs across all KASA Hotel Collection properties, operational costs are also kept to a minimum.

Finally, it’s important to note that the KASA Investment Fund also provides incredible protection for Shareholder principal. Because our hotels appreciate at a premium rate and are quickly worth so much more than the original cost of purchase and construction, Shareholder investment is not only secure but enjoys even greater protection against all assets of the Fund until all capital investment has been repaid.

KASA Investment Fund Shareholder Benefits vs. Direct Real Estate Ownership:

  • Own premium real estate

  • Enjoy greater equity

  • Accelerated appreciation

  • Massive construction savings

  • Maximize ADR, OCC and ROI

  • Lower Operational Expenses

  • 100% Secure Investment

Additional advantages that come with investing in real estate through the KASA Investment Fund include earning 12-15% ROI and all the benefits that come with being a hotel owner! All of our properties are paid for in cash with no debts, liens or encumbrances and our diversified portfolio of innovative lifestyle investments come with an amazing number of exciting perks at a growing list of luxury beachfront hotel properties. Just imagine yourself enjoying all the rewards that come with being a Shareholder in our luxury hotels, while earning ongoing 100% secure tax-free income for your IRA account, with your principal returned in five years or less!

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