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Have more than money – Discover the exciting world of the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

Have more than money – Discover the exciting world of the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

The KASA Hotel Investment Fund is a great way to grow your accounts whether they are for living right now or intended for retirement. When you have great returns, massive appreciation and total security it’s not hard to see what’s attractive about the KASA Hotel Investment Fund. But our shareholders get so much more with their partnership that they are excited about the future and can’t wait to make plans.

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Financial Reasons: The primary reasons to invest with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund are all financial. 15% returns while holding an asset that is appreciating and is completely safe and secure is very attractive. Many choose to invest through their IRA, 401(k) or SEP to turbo charge their returns with the tax advantages of those vehicles and set themselves up in their retirement.

  • Great returns: Beginning with a 5% IRR from day one of your investment. Once your hotel is open and generating profits, you’ll move to a 15% return on all the hotels within the fund. Compare that with the average annual return for the stock market (S&P500) for the last 20 years which has been 5.9% and you begin to realize the power of investment real estate. With an investment in the KASA Hotel Investment Fund you will be able to create a passive income stream that can supplement your salary and start you on the way to true financial stability and freedom.
  • Appreciation: Since KASA only buys undervalued raw land in the path of tourist growth and then develops that land by building a small luxury hotel we experience tremendous appreciation. Beachfront property like ours typically witnesses a doubling of value every 5-10 years and most of our investors work on this timeline or longer so there is a perfect meshing of priorities. Once the hotel has completed construction there is a 30-50% jump in the value of the land and this is almost like instant equity for our partners.
  • Diversity: Many of our investors are looking to diversify their holdings away from the unwanted volatility and uncertainty of the stock market. Real estate is a completely different asset class than stocks or bonds so this can provide shelter to weather the storms during market volatility.

Have more than money – Discover the exciting world of the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

  • Security and Safety: Since we buy raw land with cash and not debt, your investments are backed by the value of this land and there is a tremendous sense of safety and security that our partners experience. As Roosevelt said: “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world”.
  • Use your IRA: Many Americans choose to use their retirement accounts to partner with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund to take advantage of the tax benefits inherent in those accounts. You can transfer your existing IRA and it will not be considered a taxable event. There are no penalties whatsoever. Your investment will grow tax free inside your IRA, 401(k) or SEP and this will compound your growth over time. And if you have a Roth retirement account, then when it comes time to start making withdrawals those will be tax-free as well.

Non-Financial Reasons: The financial reasons are the big attractors to the KASA Hotel Investment Fund, but there are many other reasons to invest as well. This real estate opportunity is rare and backed by an experienced and professional management team with a great track record. This no hassle real estate investment in conjunction with an internationally recognized brand that brings great value, yields our partners some enviable perks.

  • Opportunity: The KASA Hotel Investment Fund is building a $50,000,000.00 portfolio of multiple high-end luxury beachfront hotels and making them available to everyday investors. Normally this is not something that you or I would be able to afford or even be offered a chance to be involved with. These types of investments, in the past, have only been offered to institutions or the super-rich among us.
  • Great executive team: The KASA executive team has many decades of experience in real estate and land development, managing hotels and generating profits. Two of our team are faculty at Cornell University lecturing on hospitality management, food service and marketing. Our spas are headed by a multi award-winning director and our in-house designers, construction managers, human resource professionals and financial advisors are world class. They are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.
  • No hassles: One of the very best features of a partnership with the KASA Hotel Investment Fund is that it truly is a no hassle investment. All you need do is to watch your quarterly disbursements arrive in your mailbox or account like clockwork. Unlike when you own a rental property there are no late-night phone calls to fix a clogged toilet, mediate tenant disputes, handle evictions, pay taxes, collect rent or arrange for repairs and security. KASA does it all for you.
  • Brand partnership with SLH: Small Luxury Hotels of the World is an internationally recognized brand that adds tremendous value to our hotels. Being able to meet their very strict standards means that our guests know before they arrive that they are booked in a real 5-star hotel that will be able to offer unique and memorable experiences. Our investors like it because our hotels have access to their 300,000 active loyalty members who love to travel and spend money, as well as to Hyatt’s 13 million members and this ensures that our hotels are full.

Have more than money – Discover the exciting world of the KASA Hotel Investment Fund

  • Lifestyle perks: There are a host of lifestyle perks that are available to our investors, including:
  • VIP status during your stay in any of our hotels.
  • Stay at cost at any hotel in the Fund.
  • Complementary upgrades when available.
  • 40% off your stay at any other KASA owned hotel.
  • 20% discount at any KASA Hotel restaurant and bar.
  • 20% discount on all spa services and treatments.
  • 10% discount for tours and activities.
  • Free access to hydrotherapy circuit at the spa.
  • Complementary room welcome amenities.
  • Ground transportation at cost.
  • Free access to Kids Club during your stay.
  • Free access to KASA Hotel gyms.
  • Invited to all social events planned during your stay.

How great would it be to know that you could plan and give your family the vacation of a lifetime at any one of several KASA Hotels all while earning money – even during your stay.

Conclusion: The world of the KASA Hotel Investment Fund is an exciting place to invest your money. Not because there is a crisis every day but precisely because there isn’t. Real estate will give you steady growth and consistent returns year after year and this is the surest way to become wealthy. KASA offers great returns and astonishing appreciation all while being backed by the safest investments in the world. This no hassle style of investing is perfect for growing your retirement accounts and planning your next vacation. Give us a call to see what all the excitement is about.

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