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How to Compound Your Money with the KASA Investment Fund and Became a Real Estate Investor

How to Compound Your Money with the KASA Investment Fund by Richard Houghton

Today’s rapidly changing global investment markets require investors to move beyond the ‘Rule of 72,’ which is just a simplified way financial advisors and analysts have used to determine how long an investment will take to double when you have a fixed annual rate of return. By dividing the number 72 by the investment’s annual rate of return, you can determine approximately how many years it will take for any given investment to double.

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Knowing this - along with the beauty of compound interest - used to be enough to succeed when interest rates were higher, but today most investors are lucky to walk away from stock market and mutual fund investments with a paltry 3 to 5 percent ROI after inflation is factored in. This has made it necessary to branch out and find new investment vehicles that will protect your capital, provide ongoing annual returns of at least 10 percent, offer the possibility of future appreciation and provide tax advantages… Although at first glance this might seem like a pretty tall order, the KASA Investment Fund offers all of this and much, much more!

How to Compound Your Money with the KASA Investment Fund

Offered by the KASA Hotel Collection and designed to give average investors access to luxury beachfront hotel and vacation home rental markets that are typically reserved just for the wealthiest investors and institutions, the KASA Investment Fund allows Shareholders to benefit from the upside of real estate investment without personally dealing with any of the challenges that come with managing and maintaining brick-and-mortar properties. The Fund also provides investors with ongoing, secure, tax-deferred retirement income when shares are purchased using funds in an IRA account, and it also gives Shareholders access to a wide variety of exciting lifestyle benefits and discounts at KASA properties.

How to Compound Your Money with the KASA Investment Fund

Nowadays, investing everything in a bank or brokerage firm is a losing strategy employed mainly by investors who don’t trust themselves and just aren’t sure what else to do. The fact is, you will need to be doubling your money much faster than what any bank, stock, bond or mutual fund can do, and while your primary residence will protect some of your hard-earned money, it doesn’t provide ongoing return on investment or tax advantages.

The reality today is that real estate is the new compound interest investment, so don’t wait until your golden years are over for your money to double! The KASA Investment Fund will provide at least 12-15 percent returns, and that’s before appreciation. Since all of the KASA Hotel Collection properties owned by the Fund are acquired below market value in up-and-coming destinations, the developments are immediately worth between 30-50 percent more than the initial capital investment upon completion, and - because the hotels are located on premium beachfront property - they will also continue to appreciate rapidly, providing secure, long-term ROI and tax-deferred retirement income when you buy using an IRA account.

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