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How to Use Your 401(k) Retirement Money for Real Estate Investing

If you’re not feeling 100% satisfied with the return on investment (ROI) you’ve been getting from assets currently held in your 401(k) account, and are tired of being restricted in the type of investments you are permitted to hold, it’s time to take control of your own financial future! Now, it’s easier than ever to roll money over from a 401(k) (and many other types of retirement accounts) into a Self-Directed IRA which permits you to participate in real estate investing and offers a secure, proven path to earning ongoing tax-deferred retirement income. Investing in real estate also provides protection from ongoing stock market volatility along with essential diversification for your financial portfolio and a hedge against inflation.

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“Your 401(k) is limited to a few planets in the investment universe; in all likelihood, you have the choice of a few mutual funds - mostly equity funds - and that’s it,” wrote Investopedia.“With an IRA, most types of investments are available to you, [including real estate].”

Real estate investments offer a safe, time-tested path to protecting your hard-earned savings, but many investors still don’t know they can utilize assets that are currently being held in their 401(k), traditional IRA and a variety of other employer-sponsored retirement plans to buy real estate.This can either happen directly through owning an investment property, or you can also purchase shares of an income producing real estate fund like the KASA Investment Fund, which typically offers greater profitability and a passive structure that doesn’t require Shareholders to spend their own precious time maintaining and managing the properties directly.

401k Real Estate Investment Rules

Rolling over funds from your existing 401(k) or employer sponsored retirement plan into a Self-Directed IRA account is a simple process that will give you much greater control over the assets in your financial portfolio. Providing your employer doesn’t have a restriction on transfers, or if you’ve recently changed jobs, you can just fill out some standard new account paperwork and request a rollover to transfer money that’s currently tied up in your 401(k) plan into a Self-Directed IRA account.

This move also allows you to take advantage of income producing options like the KASA real estate investment fund, instead of just sitting around hoping that stocks, bonds and mutual funds alone will provide the retirement of your dreams. It’s important to understand that in some cases non-vested monies could be excluded from the transfer, but generally the rules permit employees to roll all of their own contributions and those made by an employer into a Self-Directed IRA account.

“Done properly, a rollover from an employer’s plan [401k] to an IRA is free of any tax consequences,” wrote Forbes. “It makes more sense to channel some of that money from an employer-based account into your own individual retirement account.”

What Makes the KASA Investment Fund Different?

The KASA Investment Fund goes beyond typical real estate funds by providing an impressive array of incredible advantages for Shareholders. Offered exclusively by the KASA Hotel Collection, the KASA real estate investment fund is an innovative lifestyle investment designed to give Shareholders 100% secure, ongoing income for retirement provided by its well diversified recession-proof portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels, which are located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

The KASA Investment Fund makes it easy than ever for investors to gain exposure to the robust travel and tourism real estate market, offering excellent returns of 12-15 percent or more as the investment properties open for business. What’s more, shareholder principal is 100 percent secured against both the real estate itself and other assets of the Company, which always uses cash to purchase land and complete construction, thereby incurring zero debt and adding another layer of protection for Shareholder interests.

Perhaps best of all, Shareholders also get to become part of the exclusive KASA family, enjoying a long list of ownership perks at each of the various properties! In fact, the KASA Investment Fund offers many fabulous lifestyle benefits for Shareholders that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world, including vacations with friends and family at cost and significant discounts on everything from activities and excursions to on-site restaurants and bars. In addition, the KASA Fund is the only investment of its kind that is 100% secure and provides ongoing ROI of 12-15 percent or higher. And since you’re investing in a diverse portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels, all of the investment properties owned by the Fund are guaranteed to increase dramatically in value immediately after construction is complete!

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