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How You Can Earn 15% ROI (or More) with the KASA Investment Fund

How You Can Earn 15% ROI (or More) with the KASA Investment Fund

New investors often want to know how we can be so sure that the KASA Investment Fund  will pay ongoing returns of at least 15 percent or more, and the answer is simple: Hotels typically make much, much more than this amount! In addition, it’s important to mention that most real estate investments like this are typically only offered to VIP clients at large brokerage firms or institutional investors… And most corporate hotel expansions like this are funded by debt financing.

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These simple facts highlight just a few of the exciting differences that make the KASA Investment Fund stand out among today’s global real estate investments. When you invest in the expansion of the KASA Hotel Collection, your principal is always completely secured against the value of the real estate itself, and since the company pays cash for all property acquisitions, construction and development costs, there is no debt to erode Shareholder profits.

When You Invest in KASA Investment Fund, Your Principal is Always Completely Secured

Also, it’s important to note that Shareholder principal is secured because each of the properties are tangible assets that will increase dramatically in equity once construction is completed. In other words, since we are operating luxury hotels on the beach, the developments are immediately worth between two and five times more than the initial value of the real estate after the property opens for business.

The KASA Hotel Collection is One of the World’s Safest Investments Right Now

And as with all real estate investments, the only "risk" (if you can even call it that) comes with the fact that this is not a liquid asset. If you ever decide to sell, you must first offer the shares to other Shareholders, then you can sell them to someone else… But let’s get real - if you are making 15 percent annual return on investment and the asset is rapidly appreciating, are you really going to want to sell it?

Although nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes, the KASA Hotel Collection is one of the world’s safest investments right now. And since the Company’s experienced management team is also comprised of Shareholders in the KASA Investment Fund, they don’t make money unless all Shareholders are making money!

The KASA Investment Fund is entirely owned by Shareholders who include the Executive Team and private investors, with 50 percent of the profits each quarter going to investors and the other half going to the KASA Hotel Collection. This is important, because the only way KASA makes money is by generating profits for all Shareholders. In other words, KASA is putting up the sweat equity in order to open the new hotels, but the Company only makes money from its share of the profits and the long-term success of the KASA Investment Fund.

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