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KASA Investment Fund Offers Access to Exclusive Real Estate Markets

KASA Investment Fund Offers Access to Exclusive Real Estate Markets

One of the biggest myths about investing is that you need to have a lot of money to get started, and the same is true with real estate - you don’t need a lot of money to get involved in the world’s most exclusive real estate markets when you become a Shareholder with the KASA Investment Fund! Offered through the KASA Hotel Collection, the Fund gives Shareholders unprecedented access to a diverse real estate portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels located on premium land throughout the Caribbean and the Americas

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Investing in hotels is one sure way to achieve financial freedom… When it is done wisely. One of the reasons the KASA Investment Fund is so unique among real estate investment opportunities is that it permits foreign individuals who are otherwise restricted from owning property outright in certain countries, to nonetheless have a direct interest in some of the world’s most lucrative investment properties. In other words, as a Shareholder with this portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels, you can hold foreign real estate in your financial portfolio that you would otherwise be prohibited from owning!

Similarly, KASA Shareholders are able to diversify within the international luxury beachfront hotel real estate market by holding an interest in multiple properties with minimal dollars up front. In this way, risk is also pooled among many investors, versus opting to become a sole property owner. The KASA Investment Fund was designed for investors who are sick and tired of stock market volatility and need income they can rely on.

Investing with KASA is a very simple and straightforward way to ensure financial freedom through reliable income and rapid appreciation of the hotels. When you become a Shareholder, you own shares of luxury branded beachfront hotel resorts in the KASA Hotel Collection - a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. These elite investment properties would otherwise be very difficult to afford - which is why this type of premium real estate has traditionally only been available to the wealthiest individuals and institutional investors.

When You Become A Shareholder, You Own Shares Of Luxury Branded Beachfront Hotel Resorts In The Kasa Hotel Collection - A Member Of Small Luxury Hotels Of The World.

The bottom line? Income-focused investors who are interested in hotel stocks and real estate should look no farther than the KASA Investment Fund! Your investment is 100 % secure from the moment you invest with KASA, in part because the Fund acquires each property at below current market value in up-and-coming areas. So once construction is complete and the hotel is open, the development is worth significantly more than the initial investment. And since all of the properties are totally debt free - with everything from the initial real estate purchase to the various development costs all paid for in cash up front - the KASA Investment Fund is definitely one of the safest investments available anywhere in the world today!

Do you have anything in your portfolio right now that is paying at least 12-15 % returns, along with offering a rapidly appreciating principal investment that is 100 percent secure? Don’t delay - contact us today and learn more about the many perks of becoming a Shareholder with the KASA Investment Fund! With a minimum investment of just $50,000, you can become a Shareholder using money in your IRA account and start earning tax-free income for retirement right away.

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