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KASA Investor Stories: Aaron L. from Texas

KASA Investor Stories: Aaron L. from Texas

The latest KASA Investor Story introduces us to Aaron L. from Texas, who decided to become a Shareholder with the KASA Investment Fund and gain access to a unique opportunity while adding an essential level of diversification to his financial portfolio. So as stock market volatility continues to increase worldwide, Aaron has taken steps to protect his assets by investing in a robust and rapidly growing real estate market that is typically reserved only for institutions and the wealthiest individuals.

Aaron’s Story

Currently living and working in Texas, Aaron was already in the market for an income producing vacation home or condo in the Tulum area of Mexico’s magical Riviera Maya region. He was looking for a way to diversify his financial portfolio outside of traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and liked the idea of owning something tangible that’s backed by the value of the property itself.

"I first came across KASA Hotel Parota while looking at various vacation condos in the Tulum area for a potential investment", Aaron shared. "I kept coming across the KASA Hotel Collection and was really impressed, so I decided to do more research about the company behind these striking investment properties, and that’s when I noticed the KASA Investment Fund".

I first came across KASA Hotel Parota while looking at various vacation condos in the Tulum

Aaron's decision

After reading up on the basics about this remarkable real estate investment opportunity, Aaron submitted a web inquiry for more information about the Fund, and started talking to Andrew Schisler, who also serves as KASA’s VP of Business Development. At the same time, he was already communicating with Mike Martin of Investment Properties Mexico. Mike was helping Aaron look for a condo in the Riviera Maya, but he was also able to answer questions about the KASA Fund. Together, Mike and Andrew’s experience, in-depth knowledge of real estate investing and total transparency helped the concept come full circle for him.

"I did as much due diligence as I possibly could on KASA as a company and on the existing hotel in Tulum, as well as their new hotel - KASA Hotel Riviera Maya - which was already under construction in Puerto Aventuras at the time", Aaron said. "I liked the fact that KASA is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and I also liked the great reviews I was seeing on various travel and hotel websites for KASA Hotel Parota in Tulum. Overall, I was impressed by KASA as a company, including their quality of workmanship and service".

Although Aaron really liked the idea of owning his own condo in the Riviera Maya, the reality of managing a brick-and-mortar real estate investment - even with the help of experienced property managers on-site - was ultimately holding him back from making a move… Which was in turn holding his financial portfolio back from achieving the level of growth it needs in order to beat inflation and amass enough wealth for retirement.

What does Aaron say about this investment fund?

What does Aaron say about this investment fund?

"The diversity the KASA Fund provides, along with the larger projects the company is pursuing, are all very attractive", Aaron said. "I like the idea that my investment would still be backed by the real estate itself, but also that there would be diversification among several properties, as the Fund continues to finance more hotels".

In fact, this gives an added layer of security to the KASA Investment Fund, but it also fosters a much higher return on investment. Instead of just getting returns from one personal vacation home or condo in Tulum, now he will receive returns from multiple hotels located in the Riviera Maya and around the Caribbean. All of the hotels are part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and professionally managed by KASA, offering beautiful design and incredible service in locations that offer truly unforgettable experiences that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

"I look forward to an ongoing relationship with KASA in the future", Aaron added. "Not to mention the perks of ownership that come with being an investor in the Fund!".

In conclusion!

As a recession looms, no investment can protect hard-earned wealth, provide essential portfolio diversification and also outpace inflation as well as real estate. And since most investors aren’t ready to become full-time property managers, the prospect of choosing the right real estate investment can be overwhelming.

The Fund removes the concerns that typically accompany direct property ownership, offering everyday investors access to a passive real estate investment option that still has all the security of owning a tangible brick-and-mortar asset. But instead of being personally responsible for everything, the KASA team handles all maintenance, property management and bookkeeping responsibilities, while Aaron gets to kick back and enjoy the many perks that come with being a Shareholder in support of KASA’s ongoing expansion efforts.

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