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KASA Investor Stories: Tim S. from California

KASA Investor Stories: Tim S. from California

We received a great note the other day from one of our KASA Investment Fund investors that we wanted to share! As a recession looms on the horizon and ongoing volatility plus inflation continues to eat away at annual stock market gains, it’s more important than ever to diversify and no investment vehicle can protect your assets (while also beating inflation) better than real estate!

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Since most investors aren’t really interested in becoming full-time property managers, the KASA Investment Fund was designed to provide all the benefits of a top-tier real estate investment without any of the hassles… And it also provides an array of exciting lifestyle perks and Shareholder benefits that will take your future vacations to a whole new level!

Read on to discover why Tim S. from California decided to become a Shareholder in the KASA Investment Fund and see how this smart real estate investment is 100% secure and offers higher returns than stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Tim’s Story

After traveling to Mexico multiple times, visiting Cabo San Lucas on the west coast and the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean side, Tim S. decided he wanted to own a piece of paradise and started searching for just the right real estate deal.

"After I established my Self-Directed IRA to consolidate various retirement accounts, one of my investment goals was to own a beachfront property in Mexico or the Caribbean", Tim shared.

Of course, there are a variety of concerns that come with full ownership of a vacation property, including the cost of a management company, maintenance, booking and collecting the rentals… Which is what was keeping Tim from making a move on any particular property.

"Then I found the KASA Investment Fund, which gives me the ownership I’m looking for, but in an even more desirable diversified portfolio of properties", he stated. "I’m excited to see how the hotel projects progress!"

KASA Investor Stories: Tim S. from California

Another benefit for Tim is the flexibility the Fund offers, because he was able to select an appropriate level of investment to maintain the desired level of diversification in his IRA account. And there are no tax implications when you buy shares using money in a Self-Directed IRA account, since you are not cashing out but simply transferring money to a new custodian. Best of all, Tim is poised to begin receiving his share of the profits from each of the luxury beachfront hotels developed by the Fund, which is designed to generate annual returns of at least 15 percent once the hotels are open and a 5 percent internal rate of return (IRR) while each property is still in development.

Established by the KASA Hotel Collection - a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World - the KASA Investment Fund is a unique opportunity for investors to own shares in a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels in development throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. The land and construction is always entirely bought and paid for in cash with zero debt, and Shareholder principal is 100 percent secured against the real estate and all other assets of the company, making this one of the safest investments offered anywhere in the world right now!

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