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KASA Investor Story: Ron S. from Arizona.

KASA Investor Story:  Ron S. from Arizona.

Another great investor story comes to us from Ron S. who hails from Arizona. Ron decided to become a shareholder in the KASA Investment Fund so as to take advantage of the opportunity to diversify his retirement portfolio. With fears of coronavirus affecting the market recently and the volatility index skyrocketing, Ron did his due diligence and protected his IRA portfolio by purchasing spectacular luxury real estate. This was not something he could normally consider as these types of deals are usually reserved for the very rich, so he was extremely pleased to discover the KASA Investment Fund.

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Ron’s Story:

Ron had been in the real estate market and was looking to add to his two rental properties in Mexico when he heard about the KASA Investment Fund from his broker.

"I learned of the KASA fund from my broker who explained the strategic value of diversifying [into] additional investments.The fund presents a safe long-term opportunity to invest in multiple upper end vacation hotel properties which traditionally are unavailable to smaller individual investors".

Ron owns a busy restaurant in Arizona and together with his wife were trying to manage his existing two rental properties. Of course, he paid for a professional management company to assist with this but there was still a significant time commitment required to oversee these two properties. Not to mention all the other hassles of ownership. Property taxes to pay, maintenance to pay, money to collect, management company to pay and then to check up and oversee them as well.

A great decision:

Ron was pleased to discover that he could use his IRA account to fund the purchase and that it was a "simple and seamless" process. Since he was looking for the increased security that diversification brings KASA checked all his boxes.

KASA allows for the protection from the unwanted volatility of the stock market in uncertain times.It also protects from geographic vulnerability by owning a portfolio of luxury properties in a variety of politically stable, up and coming tourist destinations. And as an added bonus the KASA Investment Fund is protected against the scourge of inflation as well.

"I recommend anyone considering investment in this genre to consider the upside of the KASA Investment Fund. Recent turmoil in the stock market really highlighted the value of investment diversification".

Opening a self-directed IRA was a simple process. All Ron had to do was to change his existing custodian to become "Self-Directed." There were no tax consequences to making this change and no penalties whatsoever. Ron was then able to make the purchase of KASA Investment Fund shares through the IRA account.

Owning real estate within your self-directed IRA is allowed and is one of the most popular asset classes within IRAs. Now Ron can sit back and enjoy all the benefits of ownership without all the hassles and watch his retirement account grow.

Owning real estate within your self-directed IRA is allowed and is one of the most popular asset classes within IRAs

It was about Trust

Ron S. was able to establish a real trust in the experienced management team that KASA has put together.It started with a recommendation from his existing broker to his first contact with Andrew Schisler (KASA’s VP of Business Development). When he learned that KASA has many decades of experience in hotel management and property development the level of trust soared and allowed him to proceed with his purchase.


Ron S. is a successful and fiscally responsible family man who owns a busy restaurant in Arizona. Having some experience owning foreign real estate already and wanting to increase his holdings while at the same time diversify for protection against adverse swings in the stock market, he discovered KASA. He knew it was a great opportunity for him as he could not normally afford to purchase such exotic properties in KASA’s much sought after locations.

He was ecstatic about the ease of ownership (hurrah - no more hassles) and pleased with the "simple and seamless" process of making the purchase through his self-directed IRA.Ron was also happy to discover that he and his wife could visit any of the KASA luxury hotels at take advantage of great owner discounts and receive VIP treatment across an array of fabulous properties.

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