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KASA Shareholder Story: Anthony S. from New York

KASA Shareholder Story: Anthony S. from New York

As the general partner in a private investment group located in New York, Anthony S. is responsible for finding investment options that fit with the goals of the group. In this role, he regularly hunts for investments that will complement an exciting, luxurious life of travel and recreation, which is what led him to the KASA Hotel Investment Fund.

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“I'm always looking for new opportunities that fit a lifestyle of fun, leisure and travel”, Anthony shared. “And as things would have it, I came across the Kasa Hotel Collection and knew immediately that this was a real estate investment that we would be interested in joining from the ground up”. 

Anthony worked with Andrew Schisler, a knowledgeable real estate and investment professional who also serves as Vice President of Business Development for KASA, giving him essential insight into the goals and vision for the company’s future plans.

KASA Shareholder Story: Anthony S. from New York

“Working with Andrew made us very comfortable and we feel certain that we should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”, Anthony added.

The KASA Hotel Investment Fund is a smart commercial real estate investment opportunity that is backed by the real material assets of the KASA Hotel Collection. This setup gives shareholders the truly extraordinary ability to enjoy luxurious beachfront properties while earning secure, reliable ongoing income and protecting their assets from ongoing stock market volatility.

The KASA Fund is the only real estate investment of its kind that provides a hedge against inflation, rapid appreciation, and the ability to enjoy world-class vacations at cost! This incredible investment opportunity also gives shareholders access to unprecedented upside potential and is designed to provide ongoing passive income.

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