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KASA Investment Fund Offers Secure Ongoing Income as Recession Looms

Real Estate Fund Offers Secure Ongoing Income as Recession Looms - Richard Houghton

Private equity firms are preparing for a major market downturn and have been actively putting in safeguards to offer protection and limit downside risk, offering more proof that tangible assets like real estate funds are an essential part of any well-balanced financial portfolio. In fact, a recent report by Business Insider reveals that Goldman Sachs’ private equity clients are not feeling very good about the state of the global economy, and as a result all of them are currently preparing for a recession.

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"Every one of our clients is focused on being prepared for a recession", Alison Mass, the bank’s chairman of investment banking, told Bloomberg TV. "Our clients are creating checklists so that they can cope if a recession strikes".

KASA Investment Fund Offers Secure Ongoing Income as Recession Looms

In another real-life example of why investors absolutely must diversify to include tangible assets like real estate funds in their financial portfolios, last year the S&P 500 made money from January through September, but then all profits were wiped out and the index actually lost money at year’s end, closing down -6.5 percent. So far this year, the S&P 500 is up by about 20 percent, but again it’s just one bad moment away from taking all those profits off the table that were made this year.

Real estate investments like the KASA Investment Fund offer a secure, proven way to earn ongoing retirement income, giving Shareholders the opportunity to benefit from the upside of real estate investing without taking on the challenge of becoming a full-time property manager. Created to give average investors exposure to the thriving travel and tourism real estate rental market, the Fund offers 15 percent annual return on investment. Offered by the KASA Hotel Collection - a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the Fund gives Shareholders unprecedented access to a diverse portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

KASA Investment Fund Offers Secure Ongoing Income as Recession Looms

With the KASA Investment Fund, Shareholder principal is always totally secured against the properties themselves and all other assets of the Company, which operates with zero debt by paying cash for all real estate, development and construction costs. Shareholders and their families also get to enjoy a long list of perks at KASA Hotel Collection properties, including discounted room rates and VIP treatment at on-site restaurants, bars and spas. Although these added benefits are not the main reason to invest in the Fund, they provide a real added bonus for investors… Especially compared to the looming recession waiting for everyone in the stock market!

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