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Successful real estate investor: Jermaine C. from New York.

Successful real estate investor:  Jermaine C. from New York.

One of our partners in the KASA Investment Fund decided to send us a note yesterday to express how pleased he was that he decided to invest with KASA. Jermaine C. is from New York and had several Airbnb properties before he discovered the fabulous luxury hotels run by KASA Hotels and how he could become an investor in these properties and several future opportunities as well.

Jermaine C. really saw the value in partnering with KASA to get in on a much bigger real estate deal than he could hope to on his own. He was able to capture economies of scale with the deal and the fact that it was literally no-hassle investing was the cherry on the top.

Jermaine’s Story:

Jermaine had been the owner of several Airbnb rental properties and had been looking at vacation real estate in Mexico and the Caribbean. His experience with the Airbnb properties gave him the confidence to branch out, but he also knew what a lot of work they were. As Jermaine said:

Jermaine had been the owner of several Airbnb rental properties

I had numerous Airbnb properties and was looking for real estate investment opportunities in Mexico and Central America. After speaking with Andrew [Andrew Schisler, VP Business Development at KASA Hotel Collection], I felt confident that the KASA Investment Fund was the best option.

If you own your own home you are already familiar with the hassles that Jermaine C. was looking after – only he had those same hassles several times over. There was the issue of finding tenants and performing a credit check (or checking references), paying property taxes, performing upgrades to the property and emergency maintenance. Looking after the grounds and dealing with the finances. Even if you have a property manager there is still quite a bit of oversight required (not to mention the manager’s fees to look after).

The KASA Investment Fund is building a portfolio of luxury hotels in fantastic locations in Mexico and around the Caribbean. While Jermaine C. is a very successful person there was no way he could contemplate moving on deal of this size. He would have to content himself with a small condo or apartment somewhere that would monopolize his attention.

A great decision:

Jermaine C. made the great decision to become part of a big deal rather than going all in on a small property. Now instead of some little apartment Jermaine C. is an investor in multiple luxury beachfront hotels.

Instead of worrying if he can find tenants, checking to make sure they don’t host a house wrecker of a party or chase them down for monthly rent, Jermaine C. is able to relax and watch his quarterly disbursement check land in his retirement account.

Instead of getting a call in the middle of the night to fix a broken toilet, Jermaine C. is able to plan a vacation at any of the KASA Hotels at fabulous owner discounts. He can kick back and lounge in the lap of luxury as he and his family receive VIP treatment at any of our beachfront luxury hotels.

The KASA Investment Fund is building a portfolio of luxury hotels in fantastic locations

It was about Communication:

As Jermaine states: “Communication with the team has been great and I feel comfortable that my investment expectations will be met”! Those expectations include:

  • 15+% Return on investment each year that he stays invested.
  • 30+% Capital appreciation upon the completion of hotel construction.
  • 100+% Security and comfort in his partnership with KASA.

Every quarter Jermaine C. receives financial reports on the hotels that are held by the KASA Investment Fund since there is full transparency and is assured of how his investment is performing.


Jermaine C. had been looking for investment properties in Mexico and the Caribbean but was wary of purchasing foreign real estate. Additionally, Jermaine was looking to ease the hassles of property ownership. After discovering the KASA Investment Fund, and realizing what a huge opportunity it was for him, he jumped at the chance to become an owner of multiple luxury beachfront hotels.

Now he can sit back and watch his retirement accounts grow. He can even plan a vacation for himself and his family at one of the hotels knowing that he will get a great discount and be spoiled with VIP treatment from the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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