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The Rule of 72 and Why You Should Double Down on KASA Investment Fund

The Rule of 72 and Why You Should Double Down on KASA Investment Fund

Continued threats of another major recession and increased stock market volatility can make it tough to know which investments to keep and which ones to ditch. Thankfully, the Rule of 72 can bring clarity to your financial decisions and help illuminate where your portfolio is actually serving your interests and where valuable assets might be tied up with weak returns. Read on to see more about the Rule of 72 and discover how the KASA Investment Fund offers a unique opportunity to maximize your ROI with a totally secure, income-producing real estate investment that was previously only available to the wealthiest investors!

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What is the Rule of 72?

The Rule of 72 is basically a tool that allows investors to predict when their investment will double in value based on various different return rates. When applied to real estate, the Rule of 72 is particularly revealing and clearly demonstrates the power of compound interest and investment properties. Here’s how it works: Simply divide the number 72 by the annual rate of return to determine how many years it will take for any investment to double. When you’re looking at real estate, however, keep in mind that you get to factor in appreciation, cash flow and tax benefits into your annual rate of return!

The Rule of 72 and Why You Should Double Down on KASA Investment Fund

When you become a Shareholder in the KASA Investment Fund, you can count on annual ROI of at least 12-15 percent as each property opens for business, so according to the Rule of 72, you will double your money in about five years! Compare this to the stock market - which averages a paltry 4-5 percent ROI after inflation is factored into the mix. According to the Rule of 72, it will take more than 14 years to double your money in stocks. This is exciting news for KASA Investment Fund Shareholders, and it clearly demonstrates the power of compound interest and its ability to grow your net worth in a relatively short period of time… Which is an essential move for anyone who seriously hopes to achieve financial freedom.

The KASA Investment Fund protects your capital in part by never incurring any debt and paying for all land, construction and other development costs in cash. Real estate has also historically outperformed the S&P 500 and is considered the safest investment in the world when paid for in cash. Since the Fund buys the land and builds each property with zero debt, Shareholders enjoy instant equity when the hotels open for business. And when you invest in the Fund using your IRA account, you will also enjoy stable, ongoing tax-free income for retirement!

The Rule of 72 and Why You Should Double Down on KASA Investment Fund

Presented by the prestigious KASA Hotel Collection, the KASA Investment Fund gives average investors a unique opportunity to invest in the booming travel and tourism real estate market - a sector that has traditionally been reserved for only the wealthiest individuals and financial institutions. Unlike stocks and mutual funds, the KASA Investment Fund also provides protection from inflation - even more than other types of real estate, because Shareholders are invested in luxury beachfront hotels, which is one of the best market sectors that provides premium income and rapid appreciation.

As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, all of the KASA Hotel Collection properties offer a luxurious, elite guest experience with carefully-curated local excursions and a feeling that is more akin to staying at a good friend’s private beach house than a typical resort. Shareholders also get to enjoy an array of exciting lifestyle benefits, including deep discounts on stays at KASA Hotel Collection properties, with a pipeline of 10 hotels and branded residences in the works and more than 50 guest rooms slated to open by the end of 2023!

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