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Richard Houghton Talks About Why Real Estate Funds Like the KASA Investment Fund Outperform REITS

Richard Houghton Talks About Why Real Estate Funds Like the KASA Investment Fund Outperform REITS

By now, you’ve probably figured out that real estate investing is one of the best ways to build wealth, and there are more exciting options available for investors right now than at any other point in history. For example, investors who don’t want to deal with the responsibilities (and headaches) that come with personally managing tenants can choose to invest in private real estate investment funds and/or real estate investment trusts (REITS) instead.

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In fact, Bloomberg reports that high-net-worth individuals have an average of 33 percent of their financial portfolios tied up in private real estate investments like the KASA Investment Fund. Designed to offer easy access to secure, income-producing investment properties in the world’s top vacation destinations, the Fund presents one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available anywhere today.

 KASA Investment Fund was Designed to Offer Easy Access to Secure Income-Producing Investment

The KASA Investment Fund is a private real estate fund that provides a smart alternative to buying and managing individual investment properties, offering average investors the unique chance to participate in profits from large-scale commercial real estate enterprises that - historically speaking - have typically been reserved for only the wealthiest investors and financial institutions.

Presented by the KASA Hotel Collection and offering secure, proven annual ROI of at least 15 percent or more, the KASA Investment Fund is comprised of a growing and well-diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. The Fund gives investors the unprecedented opportunity to benefit from investing in the travel and tourist real estate market, which is one of the world’s most lucrative investment opportunities.

KASA Investment Fund Will Outperform other Private Equity Funds and REITS

Here are just a few reasons why the KASA Investment Fund will outperform other private equity funds and REITS:

  • Fees. Private REITS are notorious for having exceedingly high fees, many sharing at least 10 percent with brokers, making it virtually impossible to recover from this up-front expense that offers no added value for the properties and the investors. On the other hand, the KASA Investment Fund does not charge any fees or pay commissions to brokers, removing the cost of a “Middle Man” in its entirety.
  • Better Investment Properties. The KASA Investment Fund only buys properties that meet all the conditions of a fantastic investment, including cash flow, location and future growth. By contrast, REIT managers don’t typically begin with a pool of properties, but they still have to pay investors, so they tend to invest in properties just because they will generate dividends and not because they are an ideal investment for the long term.
  • Other Competitive Advantages. With a Real Estate Investment Trust, you are basically investing in a convertible stock certificate - essentially, a piece of paper with a day-to-day value assigned by Wall Street. Conversely, the KASA Investment Fund offers a wide range of Shareholder perks, including discounts and other lifestyle benefits at the various KASA Hotel Collection properties, as well as secure 15 percent ROI. It is also a totally secure investment that protects Shareholder capital with the full backing of the real properties owned by the fund.

While most private real estate funds are only available to institutional investors, the KASA Investment Fund offers an exciting opportunity for both accredited and non-accredited investors to profit from the booming global travel and tourism real estate market. Although it can feel overwhelming to decide which real estate investments offer the greatest opportunities for growth, the KASA Investment Fund was designed to allow investors to bypass all the challenges that generally accompany real estate investing, including maintenance and other property management concerns. And because the KASA Fund buys all of its land and completes all construction of the hotels using cash, there is no debt to detract from investor ROI.

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