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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate with the KASA Investment Fund

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate with the KASA Investment Fund

Income producing real estate investments offer a secure, proven way to earn money for retirement, but not everyone is ready to become a professional property manager, and the many different types of investment properties on the market at any given time can be staggering. If you would like to benefit from the upside of real estate investment without taking on the challenge of managing and maintaining a brick-and-mortar property, the KASA Investment Fund offers all of this and much more! Designed to give everyday investors access to the booming luxury beachfront hotel and real estate rental market, the Fund was designed to provide ongoing secure retirement income and also gives Shareholders access to a variety of exciting lifestyle benefits.

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Why Should You Invest in This Real Estate Fund?Why Should You Invest in This Real Estate Fund?

The KASA Investment Fund gives Shareholders unprecedented access to a diverse portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels that are in development throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. Offered by the KASA Hotel Collection, the Fund has zero debt and only uses cash to buy land and complete development, so Shareholder principal is 100 percent secured against the properties and all assets of the Company. And with annual returns of at least 15 percent after the properties are up and running, the KASA Investment Fund is definitely one of the most exciting real estate investments available on the market today!

The Company’s philosophy is making everyone feel like they are staying with a good friend

In keeping with the Company’s philosophy of making everyone feel like they are staying with a good friend instead of in a typical big-box hotel or resort, Shareholders and their families also get to benefit from many different advantages that are typically reserved for hotel owners. This includes a variety of perks at the KASA family of luxury beachfront hotels, which are designed to make every visit unforgettable. In addition to collecting ongoing secure income from the Fund, Shareholders can vacation at cost with family and friends in the hotels and get additional discounts at on-site restaurants and bars.

While these “extras” are not the main reason you should become a Shareholder in the KASA Investment Fund, they sure do provide an incredible bonus, especially for those of us who are tired of coping with stock market volatility and disappointing returns! This innovative lifestyle investment is also 100 percent recession proof and the diverse portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels and resorts owned by the KASA real estate investment fund lets Shareholders enjoy all the benefits of owning choice income-producing real estate with none of the challenges that typically come with property ownership and management.

How Do Shareholders Make Money with the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?How Do Shareholders Make Money with the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?

Shareholders get a percentage of all profits earned by each of the luxury beachfront hotels in the KASA Investment Fund. Revenue at the hotels comes from food and beverage service, room rentals and spas, which are included in each of the developments. After Shareholder capital is invested, it is allocated to a particular hotel that is currently in development, and the investor gets a five percent internal ROI until that hotel is open for business. At that point, the Shareholder will start to receive a portion of the profits generated by every hotel owned by the Fund.

Buying shares of the KASA Investment Fund also secures your capital against a tangible asset, which is one of the main benefits of real estate investing. And because the Fund uses cash to buy and develop all of its properties, there is no real risk for investors. In addition, each of the developments will increase significantly in value immediately after construction is complete, and since the Fund owns only luxury beachfront hotels, each property will be worth up to five times more than the value of the real estate alone after it opens for business! In fact, the biggest “risk” (if you can even call it that) - as with every type of real estate investment - lies in the fact that the KASA Investment Fund is not a liquid asset.

Shares of the KASA Investment Fund can be purchased using funds in your IRA

Finally, it’s also essential to understand that shares of the KASA Investment Fund can be purchased using funds in your IRA or other employer-sponsored retirement account. This can be accomplished simply by filling out some new account paperwork and rolling funds into a Self-Directed IRA, which is a smart alternative investment option that permits you to own real estate for investment purposes in a tax-deferred format. Buying shares of the KASA Investment Fund using money in a Self-Directed IRA account also allows you to enjoy a hedge against inflation and provides crucial diversification for your financial portfolio.

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