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Why You Should Invest in Real Estate NOW to Maximize ROI from KASA Investment Fund

Why You Should Invest NOW to Maximize ROI from KASA Investment Fund

The incredible success of the KASA Hotel Collection has prompted the creation of the KASA Investment Fund, which offers guests a unique opportunity to become part of the KASA family and take part in amazing returns offered by the booming international travel and tourism real estate market. Traditionally, real estate investment funds like this are only accessible to the wealthiest investors and financial institutions, but the KASA Investment Fund gives Shareholders and their families a chance to enjoy everything the KASA family of hotels has to offer, while also collecting fantastic returns of up to 12-15 percent and higher.

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Read on to see why it makes more sense to get in early and how investing now will provide much greater return on investment (ROI) over time, maximizing the money you will make with this secure, income producing real estate investment.

How Does the KASA Investment Fund Work?

How Does the KASA Investment Fund Work?

The KASA Investment Fund offers investors a chance to own shares in a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels that are being developed throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World the KASA Hotel Collection has earned this coveted distinction that endorses the real value of our luxury beachfront hotels, which always live up to - and exceed - guest expectations. All of the land and construction costs are paid for in cash, so the Fund incurs zero debt and your principal investment is 100 percent secured against the real estate and all other assets of the company.

Upon opening, each of the income producing investment properties owned by the KASA Investment Fund will conservatively generate annual returns of 12-15 percent or higher. When you invest money and become a Shareholder, the money you invest will be assigned to a particular hotel that is still in development. Until that property opens, you will receive a 5 percent annual Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Once the hotel opens for business, you will begin receiving your share of profits from the entire portfolio of hotels (conservatively estimated between 12-15 percent annual ROI), which will continue for perpetuity.

Why Should You Invest NOW?

Why Should You Invest NOW?

Herein lies the reason that now is the best time to become a KASA Investment Fund shareholder: The earlier you get in and invest in the Fund, the greater profits you will make over time. Similarly, if you wait and don’t invest until the Fund is opening its fourth or fifth luxury beachfront hotel, you will have missed out on not only the 5 percent IRR during each of the development phases, but also the impressive 12-15 percent ROI that Shareholders earn after each property opens for business.

Also, as more Shareholders come on board, the benefit packages offered by the Fund will decrease dramatically in scale, but right now Phase 1 Shareholders are able to stay at any of the KASA Hotel Collection properties at cost. It’s important to open your account as soon as possible so you can begin earning the 5 percent returns during the development phase for the current property, but once funding closes out, your capital will be assigned to the next property. In short, by getting in now, you will begin to make larger profits sooner.

"Real estate funds allow small investors to participate in the profits from large-scale commercial real estate enterprises", wrote Investopedia. "Real estate provides an ideal way to diversify your overall portfolios and real estate is one of the only asset classes that have outperformed inflation over time".

How Much Should You Invest?

How Much Should You Invest in KASA Investment Fund?

The KASA Hotel Collection has a pipeline of 10 hotels and branded residences with more than 500 guest rooms slated to be open by the end of 2023. The properties will open with or without the Fund, but working with investors speeds up the process and therefore maximizes ROI for all involved. Although the minimum investment is $50k (USD), with the KASA Investment Fund, the more you invest, the more you will make - it really is that simple! In fact, some of our Shareholders opted to start with the minimum investment and now wish they had invested much more. Others quickly realized that it makes sense to at least participate at the $250-$500k level, while our professional investors won’t even consider anything less than $1 million. Remember, the more you invest, the more you will make!

Do you have questions about the KASA Investment Fund? Click here to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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